If you are looking to take your powder riding experience to the next level this winter, check out the new Volare! Drawing inspiration from the legendary design of the Original Swallowtail, the Volare rips on the deep days like no other. The big soft nose stays on top of the powder and pops you back up on plane when you dig in deep. The split tail flexes and contours the board to your needs and keeps a balanced stance. Designed for steep angles the Volare is a super fun, extremely versatile powder board. #winterstick #worldsfinestsnowboards #madeinusa


“This picture of me Peter Vinci, by Chris Samardizch was taken in the spring of ’78. Jim Mott, then head of Squaw Valley ski patrol (he later became President and GM) allowed us up the Olympic Lady chairlift as a one-time deal because he knew us. This is the backside and that’s Alpine Meadows in the background. As a surfer and skateboarder I was excited to ride something more sophisticated design-wise than the crudely shaped snurfer-like boards that preceded it and Jake Burton’s first design wasn’t much better. We were on our way to this chute that forms a cornice that runs straight fall line and resembles a breaking wave some winters. I sent the pictures we shot of the chute to Winterstick but the negatives were lost in a flood years later. It’s interesting to note that Squaw Valley did not allow snowboarders on the mountain for another ten years!” #winterstick #snowboarding #originalsnowsurfcompany


Hard to find reasons to vote sometimes. We stumbled across this @john_.f._kennedy quote and thought it might help inspire you all to do what’s right and VOTE. "Let us not despair but act. Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past – let us accept our own responsibility for the future." Please get out there and do your part. We are doing ours by using as little plastic in our manufacturing as possible, while still building some of the fastest and fun shapes on the planet. We are also making a $5,000 donation to @protectourwinters today to help keep fighting for climate change awareness. @jeremyjones @sethwescott @robkingwill #winteriscoming #dowhatsright @mainebeerco

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