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In 1972 Dimtrije Milovich dropped out of college and moved to Utah to work full time on a new passion. Later that year he applied for the patent for his first design. 50 years later and snowboarding has grown to heights unimaginable by its founding fathers. From the Olympics, to TV and movies, and more; snowboarding is ingrained in today’s culture around the world. Despite all of the changes in the sport today, the dream for nearly every snowboarder remains the same as Dimitrije’s way back in 1972, making that perfect turn.

In 1999 the company moved to Maine, and for over 20 years now we have been the proud custodians of an amazing piece of culture and history. In 2016, we opened our new factory in Maine where we returned to our roots – designing and building innovative shapes for surfing on snow. 50 years ago, Winterstick was created by an engineer who packed up his life and moved to the mountains. Today we’ve come full circle, being run by an engineer who did the very same. He and the team at the Winterstick factory in Maine share Dimitrije’s original passion for the mountains and surfing on snow.

To celebrate Winterstick’s 50th anniversary, we’re inviting you to SEND IT. We are working with the University of Utah to develop a special archive of Winterstick’s long and scattered history and we need your help gathering all of it together to protect as a significant piece of snowboarding’s history.

If you have photos, videos, catalogs, memorabilia, stories, or ANYTHING from Winterstick’s long and storied history, reach out to work with us about preserving your memories and the history of standing sideways on snow. We’ll do our best to help you restore or digitize any old photos, videos, or otherwise.



In addition to your contribution being preserved in this historical archive, all contributions will be entered to win a free Winterstick. If we use any of your content in our birthday campaign, we’ll send you some swag!

(Valid submissions will receive confirmation of entry into a drawing for a free board via email)


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