At Winterstick Snowboards we use the highest quality materials available to provide you with the ultimate experience on the mountain.


Durasurf 4001 Plastic

Made in the USA, our Durasurf 4001 sintered base material provides the perfect balance between toughness and wax absorption.  Sintered bases hold more wax than extruded bases allowing them to repel water better, making them faster because the friction against the snow is reduced.  Sintered bases are also more durable than extruded bases because of the higher density material they are made from.  This leaves your board both fast and ready to handle the harshest of conditions on the mountain.

Winterstick Factory Built Core

Our cores are hand-built at our West Mountain Factory using both Poplar and Maine Maple wood.  We use Poplar as the main component combined with Maple stringers where the binding inserts are placed.  This provides the ideal combination of weight, strength, and flex to your board.  Our cores are made from full length boards, meaning there’s no added weak spots from trying to join pieces of wood together.

Triaxial Fiberglass

We use 22oz Triaxial fiberglass to provide additional strength so your board can handle all the twists, turns, flexes and presses of daily riding.

SuperSap Epoxy

Entropy Resins SuperSap bio-based epoxy resins and hardeners allow for strong, durable composites and coatings with a lower environmental impact.  SuperSap provides outstanding bonding performance, and durability so your Winterstick will last for years to come.


Originally developed for marine use, Epifanes made a name for itself as a clear coating for yachts.  We use this as our final coat to give your board the perfect combination of waterproofing and protection to keep your topsheet looking fresh.


Winterstick is proud to offer complete snowboard customization. We are excited to work with you to build your dream board to your exact specifications, or modify one of our tried and tested models.

CLICK HERE  to explore custom options or email custom@winterstick.com or call the factory at 207-237-5555 to talk directly with our experts.


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