Our boards are built by real snowboarders in the mountains of Maine, and we have an incredible crew of designers and craftsmen working hard to create the highest quality snowboards on the planet.




Dan Leroy


The Rockies of Colorado. Evergreen, Telluride


How long have you been snowboarding?

Snowboarding since 1993.


What’s your job at Winterstick?

Lead Engineer and Factory Manager.  After building Wintersticks in Telluride for 7 years, and taking a couple seasons off to splitboard around the Rockies, I had the honor of being asked to come to Sugarloaf to build the new factory and take the boards into the future in a greener and more custom direction.  I develop and refine our unique production processes, train techs, source materials, and generally act as the node in the network of incredible talent and stoke that is Winterstick to create the best boards possible.  If you want a custom Winterstick, I’ll help you get your dream board made into reality.


3 words that describe Winterstick:




What’s your favorite board in the Winterstick line?

In deep epic dream pow, there really is nothing like the Swallowtail.  Pick your size and float to heaven.

Also, The first board we made here was a twin 156, really just to calibrate and prototype our processes.  It came out sweet, and got some good time on the hill and is still kicking.  To have the first thing we made here at the new factory come out so well, it felt like ‘on-sighting’ a 5.13. And they keep getting better!  Wicked cool, as they say up here in Maine land.


Why build the boards you have made?

I have been building and riding my own designs for a decade now, and there really is nothing like it.  Riding a board that has been tailored to your riding style and body type and local snow conditions really makes dreams come true.  It reacts the way you feel it should, carves the turns the way you imagine it could, and you forget about the board and immerse more wholly into the flow state.  Each new shape we make fits its own niche in a quiver now, and selecting the right weapon for the day is part of the fun.  I take inspiration from all over the place, skateboards, surf boards, input from other riders on what they want to ride, etc.  For one of the latest, the Whaler, I was hearing a lot of birds sing about how they wanted a shorter board for big riders with a versatile profile and stance.  Feedback on it has been great, I think we found a solid addition to the line up that fits a niche all its own.



Nick Clements

West Gardiner, Maine

How long have you been snowboarding?
My dad had me on skis when I was 3 and I picked up a snowboard around 6-7, so I’ve been snowboarding for 15-16 years!

What’s your job at Winterstick?
The production tech, the guy behind scenes

3 words that describe Winterstick in your view?

What’s your favorite board in the Winterstick line?
The round tail 58 is my fav in the lineup, carved like a dream, fun in the pow.

Why did you build the boards you made? How does it feel to build a custom board? Inspiration behind it?
The Space Case 153 was an idea I had for around 6 years now. A true twin fun jibby board that would still slay in the trees and pow. The nose and tail profile make it super easy to ride both ways and the core profile was even all the way threw making chunder and rough trails fun. Blowing through powder bumps in the trees, laying down turns and catching air in the park it loves it all. All wooden construction with an elm topsheet makes it feel good under feet as well as look awesome.  It was an honor to be able to build my own board it feels like a dream, taking that idea of a snowboard that was so unique to what I wanted and turning it into reality. After it was done and the first storm hit it was so worth the work to get here.



Rob Lu
Carrabassett Valley, ME (Originally New Paltz, NY)
How long have you been snowboarding?
22 years
What’s your job at Winterstick?
LAZERING!! Top sheet creation, trouble shooting, nerd stuff.
3 words that describe Winterstick in your view?
For the POW!!
What’s your favorite board in the Winterstick line?




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