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Remote Demo – $75/day, 2 day minimum, +$100USD for Canada

These demo boards are available to ship to your door! Please contact us directly at 207-237-5555 if you want a board not shown here or have unique shipping requirements.

About the Volare

Drawing from the legendary design of the Original Swallowtail, the Volare is the newest generation of powder board. The big soft nose stays on top of the powder and pops you back up on plane when you dig in deep. The split tail flexes and contours the board to your needs and keeps a balanced stance. Designed for steep angles the Volare is a super fun, extremely versatile powder board.

  • Durasurf 4001 Sintered Base Material
  • Full-grain Poplar and Maple Core
  • Tri-Axial structural fiberglass layers
  • Full wrap steel edge
  • Sidewalls
    • Maple on wood veneer boards
    • Durasurf 4001 on graphic boards
  • Environmentally friendly SuperSap epoxy

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“The Volare was my breakthrough board of the season for me last winter. Our first prototype was made just in time for our spring mission heading to Blue River British Columbia to shoot for Warren miller at Mike Wiegele’s Heli. While the board absolutely shined in the daily deepening snows that we found in the Caribou and Monashee mountains, providing all the float and planning I had expected in the wide low profile nose shape our design team had settled on as well as allowing for maximum maneuverability in the trees there with the deep swallowtail, it was my test day on the board at Sugarloaf that truly blew me away. I went out the day after the banked slalom intending to take just a few runs to see how the board felt before going to get packed for the cross-continent trip. 27.4 thousand vertical feet and 24 miles of riding later I left the mountain with a new all-time favorite carving board. The powerful edge grip and wide body of the Volare let me have experiences that after 31 years of shredding the loaf I had simply never had. My heelside turn game experienced new highs and I left the day with a whole new concept of what could be done on hardpack with a pow board. One of my major goals with helping modernize Winterstick was to create boards that could give people the best experiences possible regardless of snow type or terrain and the more centered stance and mellow taper of the Volare lets you ride hardpack like a champ and transitions to the powder effortlessly. Rob Lu took the lead on this board and he has created an instant classic Winterstick.”– Seth Wescott


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Size Chart


Size (cm)

Waist (mm) Sidecut (m) Effective Edge (mm) Taper (mm) Ref Stance (mm) Nose Width (mm)

Setback (MM)

154 256 8.7 1090 20 535 298


159 260 9 1120 20 550 304


164 266 9.3 1150 20 560 310


169 271 9.6 1180 20 560 316



At Winterstick, we carefully hand-build each board with the best materials available, using one of a kind wood topsheets so every one is a unique piece of art. We can build you a board customized exactly to what you want by using the drop downs options at the top of this page, or if you want one right now check out the new in-stock boards below!

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