Winterstick Snowboards was honored to be a part of Warren Miller’s “Winter Starts Now”, the 72nd Feature Film. Fittingly, Winterstick’s history started back in 1972 when Dimitrije Milovich filed for the patent for what we now know as a snowboard. From the legendary first segment with Mick Thueson and Scott Estes in 1979 to Seth Wescott and Rob Kingwill ripping big mountain lines over the last few years, Warren Miller and Winterstick have a long history of kicking off winter together. This year, we saw Wintersticks under the ripping carvers at the Montucky Clear Cut in Montana with Noah Elliot, Boden Gerry  racing down the Boardercross course, and took a look into the Winterstick Factory at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine. 

Check out the links to look at our current line up, meet the factory crew, find your new favorite hoodie, or see what we are doing to help preserve the history of the early days of snowboarding! 

Don’t forget to BOOK A DEMO for this winter. We ship your dream board to you! Make your powder days epic with the board you deserve! The price comes out of a purchase!

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