Karakoram PRIME Grizzly Splitboard Bindings

Your entry into splitboarding without compromising the ride down. No Pin, No Slop while riding. Active Joining gives you a responsive feel just like on your resort board. Drop-On change overs for effortless transitions. Don’t compromise your ride on the way down or the walk on the way up. A proven Karakoram binding at an accessible price. Powder with no lift required.
Included: Bindings and Splitboard Kit with Single Riser. Quiver-Connectors sold separately.
See More at https://www.splitboardbindings.com/shop/grizzly-split/

Regular Price $399.95
In Stock. Flat rate shipping of $20 on all equipment.
  • Small: US 6-8
  • Medium: US 8.5-11
  • Large: 11.5-13

 Karakoram PRIME Grizzly Splitboard Bindings

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