Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your boards so expensive?

The quality of our product is ensured by our 100% American made manufacturing process out of our factory in Sugarloaf, Maine. But because of the quality of materials, our boards outlast and outperform most other boards out there.

Why wood top sheets?

We have removed plastic from the process while simultaneously making beautiful unique pieces of art.

What can you customize?

We can make almost any board in shape, size and stiffness. We typically stick to normal camber boards, but can do some others as well. Limited to 340mm wide, 190cm long.

Is Winterstick the oldest snowboard company?

Yes. Established in 1972.

I have this old board, can you recreate it?


Where is winterstick manufactured?

100% in Sugarloaf, Maine.


Send a self addressed envelope with pre-paid postage and we will hook you up.

Are your boards only good in pow?

No, all of our boards are built for all mountain conditions. Having a two time Olympic gold medalist as a shaper ensures all of our boards carve as well as they perform in it’s preferred conditions.

Do you sell splitboards?

Yes. In fact we can split any of the boards in our line-up or build a totally custom splitboard.

Do you sell climbing skins?
Are your boards available in Europe? Japan, Canada, Australia, Korea, etc…

We can ship snowboards (almost) anywhere in the world.

What is your most popular powder board?

The Swallowtail and Roundtail models are our most popular powder shapes.

Do you build freestyle boards?

Yes. We have a directional twin called the Arkane.