50th Anniversary Soul of the ride
since 1972

We didn’t get here by following trends. We got here by setting them. Our passion for snowboarding drives us forward — blazing trails for 50 years.

We promise to keep raising the bar in snowboarding, and we hope you keep riding with us.

The first modern snowboard company

From the mind of Dimitrije Milovich

In 1972, Dimitrije Milovich patented the first modern snowboard and founded Winterstick. The idea was radical, as with all great ideas. Dimitrije hiked his board up the powdery slopes of Utah, carving deep, sexy turns all the way down the slopes. Over the years, he never stopped innovating and iterating on his invention.

Today, we’re still innovating — with a whole new crew of Winterstickers setting the bar for the next 50 years of the sport.

Respect the past, inspire the future

In the past half-century, a Winterstick shred down every epic line on planet earth. From our roots in the powdery backcountry of Utah, we’ve grown to welcome thousands of new Winterstickers to the family. As we’ve grown, we’ve always stayed true to our core — and today, that’s you.

See you on the mountain.

Ride with us at Powder Mountain, Utah | January 13-15

Winterstick snowboards founder Dimitrije Milovich filed the patent for the first modern snowboard in September, 1972, launching a revolution and the sport we all love so much.  

To celebrate 50 Years of Snowboarding, we are throwing a 3 day event to gather as a community to share our individual stories of how snowboarding shaped our lives and where the future is heading. 

Over the course of the Winterstick 50th Anniversary weekend, there will be plenty of time to ride with your core crew or connect with other riders passionate about the sport. 

Winterstick will be offering free Winterstick demos, a vintage board display,  daily group ride-alongs with legends, group cat laps and opportunities, film showings and loads of opportunities to connect on and off the snow.

The pinnacle event for the weekend will take place on Saturday afternoon and go on into the evening at the Bower Lodge located at the base of Powder Mountain. Here we will host a ticketed event offering a hearty evening of good food, drinks company and entertainment. You can expect to watch videos of the beginnings of snowboarding, hear talks from the riders who were there when it all started and even possibly catch a couple of Utah’s finest snowboard punk rock bands. 

We are in the final stages of the event launch, but we wanted to get as much information out early so our friends and family don’t miss out on the fun!   Click the links below to get your trip started.

Anniversary Party Details

On Mountain Lodging 

These options have been reserved until December 15th. Get your crew together and book now, or hit us up if you are looking for people to share with.  Click the name of the condo to view it.

Moose Hollow 104 |$1,626.63  (6 Guests / 3 Bedroom / 3 Bath)

Moose Hollow 1406 |$1,89.93 (8 Guests / 4 Bedroom / 4 Bath)

Horizon 7845 | $7,842.99 (6 Guests / 3 bedroom / 2.5 Bath)

Columbine Inn | On Powder Mountain

For a personal Winterstick Travel Concierge service to help you with booking at Powder Mountain, please call: Jamie Lythgoe at 1-801-745-1414

You can check lodging availability through PowderMountain.com

Off Mountain Lodging 

We are unable to secure off mountain lodging, but there are affordable options off the mountain available on VRBO or AirBnB 

Lift Tickets

We are working on getting group rates on tickets, please stay tuned!

Anniversary Party Tickets

We are in the final stages of building out the party, and tickets will be available for pre-order soon.

50 years of innovation

From our OG Swallowtail to now, we’ve refined and expanded our quiver.

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