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Jackson Hole, Wy


Jackson Hole, Wy


It's the source, man.


Get to know Rob

First memory of snowboarding?

Strapping into a board with a skeg on the icy road behind my house.

Last memory of snowboarding?

Riding and laughing with my friends.

How has your appreciation of snowboarding evolved over the years?

I've built a life around snowboarding, and it is amazing to me how it can always provide new pathways for me to experience it, and to express my love and joy for riding sideways on snow.

What keeps you busy off the mountain?

I own and operate AVALON7, a snowboarding accessories company, as well as ASTYR Cashmere beanie company, and I also am the Brand Manager and a shaper at Winterstick. I also like to flyfish.

Funniest memory on the mountain

Anytime I can go riding with my friends is the funnest moment.

Most challenging line of all time

I once dropped into a line that I had hiked in Alaska. I thought the snow was going to be good but it turned out to be pure ice. If I fell I would probably die, and I didn't have an ice axe, so I managed to take my backpack off while halfway down a 55 degree ice chute and get my shovel out to give myself a chance to not slip. It was really close to as close to dying as I want to get.

Most rewarding accomplishment on snow

Winning the US Open Halfpipe in 1998.

Results/Bragging Rights

I landed on over 30 World Cup level podiums, was on the US Snowboard Team for 8 years, won the US Open Halfpipe, won the LBS Pro Masters category twice, got a bronze medal in slopestyle at the Xgames and manage to still snowboard 120 days a year.

Advice to up-and-coming riders

Do it for the love and be yourself.

What Winterstick boards are in your quiver?
  • ARK 15
  • Arkane 155
  • Swallowtail 158
  • Aurora 160.

Rob's Picks

  • ARK Snowboard
    ARK Snowboard
    $900.00 – $1,000.00
    ARK Snowboard

    "This board will change your life. I promise.

  • Swallowtail® Snowboard

    "Once you try it, you will understand the true power of the Swallowtail."

  • ARKANE Snowboard

    "Built to rip halfpipe and slopestyle, this board is poppy, fast and fun. It will help you achieve your next level riding goals in the park and pipe."

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