Dimitrije Milovich was ahead of his time…

before the Ramones,
before Apple Inc.,
before Gore Tex,
before the Halfpipe,
before the Cellphone,
before the Walkman,
before Disposable Lighters,
before Viagra,
before the Digital Camera,
before Video games,
before Email,
before Tom Sims,
before Jake Burton,

Dimitrije was rippin pow.

Dimitirije was a pioneer, an entrepreneur and truly loved what he created. Snowboarding was his passion and his dream. It consumed him, having given everything he had – it wasn’t enough. Although he isn’t a part of the company today, we wouldn’t be here without him.

Our question is… without Dimitirije where would snowboarding be today?

We want to thank Dimitrije for all that he did.

Thank you Dimitrije Watch the video