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Winter 1986-1987


Carrabassett Valley, Maine




For me powder is when I feel most free. When I can be most creative and find flow in an effortless state. My love for those moments only continues to grow.


Get to know Seth

First memory of snowboarding?

Backhill adventures around Farmington on snowy nights on my Burton Woody.

Last memory of snowboarding?

Today at Blackcomb with multiple generations of snowboarders that spanned from the first Burton team, the creator of Canada’s first snowboard shop, my first team tech and his son.. it was epically fun and so cool to witness different generations all having fun carving around in spring corn.

How has your appreciation of snowboarding evolved over the years?

It’s much more about community these days. Passing on knowledge, and yet still having moments when conditions are right when I can still be evolving my riding and pushing my boundaries.

What keeps you busy off the mountain?

My family, my farm, and enjoying nature in its different mediums.

Most challenging line of all time

First run of my second year in Alaska. Ala hole on humble pie. Pre digital cameras so just a Polaroid to check the line. Multiple pitches 3000 vertical and major sluff management.

Most rewarding accomplishment on snow

Winning the legendary banked slalom at Mt. Baker three times.

Results/Bragging Rights
  • 9x X Games Medalist
  • World champion
  • 2x Olympic gold medallist
  • 20 year US snowboard team member
  • 10 Warren Miller segments
Advice to up-and-coming riders

Find your flow and follow the path that brings you fulfilment.

What Winterstick boards are in your quiver?
  • Daydreamer,
  • Seth Wescott Pro
  • Roundtail
  • Split Swallowtail

Seth's Picks

  • Seth Wescott Pro Snowboard

    "My board is the culmination of years of fine tuning shapes. It’s mainly made for banked slalom but it really is an all mountain machine for attacking terrain. It’s a lay it over and rail board."

  • Swallowtail® Snowboard

    "The Swallowtail is the classic Winterstick powder machine. More float in all conditions and truly shines when it gets deep. The days I ride my swally are the best days of my year."

  • Day Dreamer Snowboard

    "The Daydreamer has become my daily go to the last three years. Rails on hardpack, floats when it gets deep and has the playfulness of tail flex thrown in."

  • Roundtail Snowboard

    "The Roundtail is my other go to resort day powder board. More taper for more fun. Skateboard like feel when it comes to ollies. Rails turns and shines in steep deep trees."

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